School Boards and School Proprietors

Take your school to the next level of excellence:

  • Streamline its operation and boost its profitability: EDUGATES has a proven track record in enhancing schools financial performance.
  • Raise its rating: Our expert consultants ensure that your school achieves the highest standing in official inspections and evaluations, and outdoes all competition.
  • Cultivate its good relationships and strengthen communication with authorities and families: EDUGATES provide specialist support to your management team and your school to create healthy long lasting partnerships.



Realise your vision of starting a world class school by partnering with well established school set up and start up experts.  With us, you will enhance the trust of potential investors.

  • Build your project upon reliable market research and in depth feasibility study: Rely on the EDUGATES partnership with Vanguard Consultants to get the most reliable market research and feasibility study which form and solid foundation for starting up your successful institution.
  • Guarantee the best functionality of your new facility: Provide the architects with the support of our experienced school developers in order to ensure ideal acoustics, lighting, partitioning, etc. that are needed for an effective comfortable environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Set up your school relying on highly experienced specialists: Our school set up specialists will help you determine, acquire, and set up the furniture, fixtures, infrastructure, equipment, IT and other resources (LMS – SMS – Textbooks – curriculum - )
  • Start up your new school following a proven successful procedure: our specialists plan and execute professional marketing, recruitment of staff and students, presentations to prospective clients and establishing partnerships with prospective parents and families, induction of new staff, student registration, and management for the first year


Educational Leaders

Affiliate with fellow expert educators who understand your style and provide unconditional support

  • Provide your staff with up to date professional development focusing on effective teaching methods supported by modern research 
  • Enrich your school with attractive useful outsourced programmes  
  • Join the EDUGATES franchise affiliation programme that enhances your school brand even further, provides you with organisational support, and boosts both your school's performance and reputation


EDUGATES also offers

  • Expert school management, school improvement, staff appraisal, crisis management, and preparation-for-accreditation services.
  • School leaders recruitment: Our team’s extensive experience allows us to match well established educational leaders with select schools and organisations. EDUGATES brand and good reputation attract successful school leaders.


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EDUGATES International Limited is incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand, under the New Zealand Business Number NZBN9429041325476